§ 305B.1 Short title.
§ 305B.2 Definitions.
§ 305B.3 Basic notice requirement.
§ 305B.4 Conservation or disposal of loaned property.
§ 305B.5 Notice of injury or loss.
§ 305B.6 Notice of intent to terminate loan – acquiring title to loaned property.
§ 305B.7 Acquiring title to undocumented property.
§ 305B.8 Notice of intent to preserve an interest in property – requirements – form – disclosure.
§ 305B.9 Limitations on actions against museums.
§ 305B.10 Museum obligations.
§ 305B.11 Required museum recordkeeping.
§ 305B.12 Lender obligations to museum.
§ 305B.13 Retroactive applicability.