§ 483A.1 Licenses – fees.
§ 483A.1A Definitions.
§ 483A.2 Dual residency.
§ 483A.3 Wildlife habitat fee.
§ 483A.3A Fish habitat development funding.
§ 483A.3B Game bird habitat development programs.
§ 483A.4 “Permanent disability” defined.
§ 483A.5 License for fur-bearing animals.
§ 483A.6 Trout fishing fee.
§ 483A.7 Wild turkey hunting license and tag.
§ 483A.8 Deer hunting license and tag.
§ 483A.8A Deer and wild turkey harvest reporting system.
§ 483A.8B Senior crossbow deer hunting licenses.
§ 483A.8C Nonambulatory persons – deer hunting licenses.
§ 483A.9 Blanks.
§ 483A.9A Combination packages of licenses.
§ 483A.10 Issuance of licenses.
§ 483A.11 License agents.
§ 483A.12 Fees.
§ 483A.13 Destroyed blanks.
§ 483A.14 Duplicate licenses and permits.
§ 483A.15 Accounting.
§ 483A.17 Tenure of license.
§ 483A.18 Form of licenses.
§ 483A.19 Showing license document to officer.
§ 483A.20 Reciprocity.
§ 483A.21 Revocation or suspension.
§ 483A.22 Record of revocation.
§ 483A.22A Sale of license lists.
§ 483A.23 Game birds or animals as pets.
§ 483A.24 When license not required – special licenses.
§ 483A.24A License refunds – military service.
§ 483A.24B Special deer hunts.
§ 483A.26 False claims.
§ 483A.27 Hunter safety and ethics education program – license requirement.
§ 483A.28 Noncommercial harvest of aquatic species.
§ 483A.31 Reciprocal privileges authorized.
§ 483A.32 Public nuisance.
§ 483A.33 Disposition of property seized as public nuisance.
§ 483A.34 Right to appeal.
§ 483A.35 “Gun” defined.
§ 483A.36 Manner of conveyance.
§ 483A.37 Prohibited guns.
§ 483A.38 Free fishing days.
§ 483A.42 Penalties.
§ 483A.50 Definitions.
§ 483A.51 Bonds issued by the commission.
§ 483A.52 Additional powers of commission.
§ 483A.53 Payment of bonds.
§ 483A.54 Nonliability of the state and its officials.
§ 483A.55 Bonds as legal investments.
§ 483A.56 Rights of bondholders.