§ 496C.1 Short title.
§ 496C.2 Definitions.
§ 496C.3 Applicability of Iowa business corporation Act.
§ 496C.4 Purposes and powers.
§ 496C.5 Corporate name.
§ 496C.6 Who may incorporate.
§ 496C.7 Practice by professional corporation.
§ 496C.8 Professional regulation.
§ 496C.9 Relationship and liability to persons served.
§ 496C.10 Issuance of shares.
§ 496C.11 Transfer of shares.
§ 496C.12 Convertible securities – stock rights and options.
§ 496C.13 Voting trust – proxy.
§ 496C.14 Required purchase by professional corporation of its own shares.
§ 496C.15 Certificates representing shares.
§ 496C.16 Management.
§ 496C.17 Bylaws.
§ 496C.18 Merger or consolidation.
§ 496C.19 Dissolution or liquidation.
§ 496C.20 Foreign professional corporation.
§ 496C.21 Biennial report.
§ 496C.22 Corporations organized under other laws.