§ 692A.101 Definitions.
§ 692A.102 Sex offense classifications.
§ 692A.103 Offenders required to register.
§ 692A.104 Registration process.
§ 692A.105 Additional registration requirements – temporary lodging.
§ 692A.106 Duration of registration.
§ 692A.107 Tolling of registration period.
§ 692A.108 Verification of relevant information.
§ 692A.109 Duty to facilitate registration.
§ 692A.110 Registration fees and civil penalty for offenders.
§ 692A.111 Failure to comply – penalty.
§ 692A.112 Knowingly providing false information.
§ 692A.113 Exclusion zones and prohibition of certain employment-related activities.
§ 692A.114 Residency restrictions – presence – child care facilities and schools.
§ 692A.115 Employment where dependent adults reside.
§ 692A.116 Determination of requirement to register.
§ 692A.117 Registration forms and electronic registration system.
§ 692A.118 Department duties – registry.
§ 692A.119 Sex offender registry fund.
§ 692A.120 Duties of the sheriff.
§ 692A.121 Availability of records.
§ 692A.122 Cooperation with registration.
§ 692A.123 Immunity for good faith conduct.
§ 692A.124 Electronic monitoring.
§ 692A.125 Applicability of chapter and retroactivity.
§ 692A.126 Sexually motivated offense – determination.
§ 692A.127 Limitations on political subdivisions.
§ 692A.128 Modification.
§ 692A.129 Probation and parole officers.
§ 692A.130 Rules.