§ 99G.1 Title
§ 99G.2 Statement of purpose and intent
§ 99G.3 Definitions
§ 99G.4 Iowa lottery authority created
§ 99G.5 Chief executive officer
§ 99G.6 Power to administer oaths and take testimony
§ 99G.7 Duties of the chief executive officer
§ 99G.8 Board of directors
§ 99G.9 Board duties
§ 99G.9A Limited series of lottery games providing aid for veterans
§ 99G.10 Authority personnel
§ 99G.11 Conflicts of interest
§ 99G.21 Authority powers, transfer of assets, liabilities, and obligations
§ 99G.22 Vendor background review
§ 99G.23 Vendor bonding, tax filing, and competitive bidding
§ 99G.24 Retailer compensation
§ 99G.25 License not assignable
§ 99G.26 Retailer bonding
§ 99G.27 Lottery retail licenses
§ 99G.28 Proceeds held in trust
§ 99G.29 Retailer rental calculations
§ 99G.30 Ticket sales requirements
§ 99G.30A Monitor vending machine
§ 99G.31 Prizes
§ 99G.32 Authority legal representation
§ 99G.33 Law enforcement investigations
§ 99G.34 Open records
§ 99G.35 Security
§ 99G.36 Forgery
§ 99G.37 Competitive bidding
§ 99G.38 Authority finance
§ 99G.39 Allocation, appropriation, transfer, and reporting of funds
§ 99G.40 Audits and reports
§ 99G.41 Prize offsets
§ 99G.42 Compulsive gamblers