(a) Except as provided in subsection (b), any records, reports or information obtained pursuant to this act shall be available to the public.

(b) Upon a showing satisfactory to the secretary by any person that records, reports or information, or a particular part thereof (other than emission data), to which the secretary has access under this act, if made public, would divulge methods or processes entitled to protection as trade secrets of such person under the uniform trade secrets act (K.S.A. 60-3320 et seq., and amendments thereto), the secretary shall consider such record, report or information, or particular portion thereof, confidential, except that: (1) Such record, report or information may be disclosed to officers, employees or authorized representatives of the United States government concerned with carrying out responsibilities under the federal clean air act and amendments thereto; and (2) this subsection shall not apply to any provision in any air quality approval or permit issued by the secretary and the public shall have access to such approvals and permits in their entirety.

Terms Used In Kansas Statutes 65-3015

  • Emission: means a release into the outdoor atmosphere of air contaminants. See Kansas Statutes 65-3002
  • Person: means any individual, partnership, firm, association, municipality, public or private corporation, subdivision or agency of the state or federal government, trust, estate or any other legal entity. See Kansas Statutes 65-3002
  • Secretary: means the secretary of health and environment. See Kansas Statutes 65-3002