§ 8-1501 Application of sections in article 15
§ 8-1503 Required obedience to lawful order of police officer or fireman; misdemeanor
§ 8-1504 Rights and duties of person riding animal or driving animal-drawn vehicle
§ 8-1505 Application of traffic laws to highway construction or maintenance operations
§ 8-1506 Authorized emergency vehicles; rights, duties and liability of drivers thereof
§ 8-1507 Official traffic-control devices; required obedience; placement; presumptions
§ 8-1508 Traffic-control signal legend
§ 8-1509 Pedestrian control signals
§ 8-1510 Flashing traffic signals
§ 8-1511 Lane-direction-control signals
§ 8-1512 Placement, maintenance or display of unauthorized signs, signals, markings or devices
§ 8-1513 Interference with official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals; misdemeanor
§ 8-1514 Driving on right side of roadway required; exceptions
§ 8-1515 Overtaking and passing; vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
§ 8-1516 Same; vehicles and bicycles proceeding in same direction
§ 8-1517 Same; when passing on the right permitted; transit bus authorized on right shoulder
§ 8-1518 Same; limitations on passing on the left
§ 8-1519 Driving on left side of roadway prohibited; exceptions
§ 8-1520 No-passing zones; designation by secretary of transportation or local authorities; duties of drivers
§ 8-1520a Unlawful passing of stopped emergency vehicle or authorized vehicle engaged in highway construction
§ 8-1521 One-way highways, roadways or traffic lanes; designation by secretary of transportation or local authorities; duties of drivers; rotary traffic islands
§ 8-1522 Driving on roadways laned for traffic; driving in right lane required; exceptions
§ 8-1523 Following another vehicle too closely
§ 8-1524 Driving limitations on divided highways and controlled-access highways; certain turns prohibited; parking prohibited, when
§ 8-1525 Regulation and restrictions on use of controlled-access highways and facilities; misdemeanor
§ 8-1526 Right-of-way; approaching or entering intersection
§ 8-1527 Same; turning left
§ 8-1528 Stop signs and yield signs; duties of drivers
§ 8-1529 Vehicle entering or crossing roadway
§ 8-1530 Duty of driver upon approach of authorized emergency vehicle
§ 8-1531 Highway construction or maintenance operations; duty of driver
§ 8-1531a Road construction zone, failing to comply with traffic regulations in
§ 8-1532 Pedestrians; obedience to official traffic-control devices required
§ 8-1533 Same; right-of-way at crosswalks; interference with vehicular traffic; duties of drivers
§ 8-1534 Same; crossing roadway at location other than crosswalk
§ 8-1535 Same; drivers to exercise due care
§ 8-1536 Same; movement in crosswalk
§ 8-1537 Same; use of roadways
§ 8-1538 Soliciting rides, business or contributions; exception
§ 8-1539 Driving through safety zone prohibited
§ 8-1540 Pedestrians’ right-of-way on sidewalks
§ 8-1541 Pedestrians must yield right-of-way to authorized emergency vehicle
§ 8-1542 Blind pedestrian’s right-of-way
§ 8-1543 Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs; misdemeanor
§ 8-1544 Obedience of pedestrian to bridge and railroad signals required
§ 8-1545 Required position and method of turning vehicles
§ 8-1546 Limitations on “U” turns
§ 8-1547 Starting parked vehicle
§ 8-1548 Turning movements and required signals
§ 8-1549 Methods of giving notice of intention to turn
§ 8-1550 Same; hand and arm signals
§ 8-1551 Obedience to signal indicating approach of train
§ 8-1552 Designation of dangerous railroad grade crossings; vehicles required to stop, when
§ 8-1553 Certain vehicles required to stop at railroad grade crossings; exceptions
§ 8-1554 Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings; notice to railroad’s station agent
§ 8-1555 Vehicle emerging from alley, building, private road or driveway
§ 8-1556 Overtaking and passing school bus; actuation of visual signals by driver of bus, when; required school bus markings
§ 8-1556a Passing church and day care program buses; use of signals
§ 8-1557 Basic rule governing speed of vehicles
§ 8-1558 Maximum speed limits
§ 8-1559 Alteration of maximum speed limits; establishing speed limits in road construction zones; powers of secretary of transportation
§ 8-1560 Alteration of maximum speed limits; powers of local authorities, limitations and restrictions; establishing speed limits in road construction zones
§ 8-1560a Wabaunsee county improvement district speed limits; how fixed; local authority status
§ 8-1560b Maximum and minimum speed limits fixed by Kansas turnpike authority
§ 8-1560c Certain violations of maximum speed limits not construed as moving traffic violations
§ 8-1560d Certain violations of maximum speed limits not public record; not to be considered for liability insurance
§ 8-1560e Rural school zone speed limits
§ 8-1561 Minimum speed regulation
§ 8-1562 Special speed limitation on motor-driven cycles
§ 8-1563 Special speed limitations applicable to certain vehicles and portions of highways; powers of secretary and local authorities; violations, evidence of safe speed
§ 8-1564 Violations of speed limits; requirements for complaint, summons and notice to appear; effect of maximum speed limits in civil action
§ 8-1565 Racing on highways; misdemeanor
§ 8-1566 Reckless driving, penalties
§ 8-1567 Driving under the influence; penalties
§ 8-1567a Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs by any person less than 21 years of age; blood alcohol concentration; penalties
§ 8-1568 Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer; penalties
§ 8-1569 Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence district
§ 8-1570 Authority of police officer to remove vehicle in violation of 8-1569 from highway
§ 8-1571 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
§ 8-1572 Additional parking regulations; powers of secretary and local authorities
§ 8-1573 Unattended motor vehicle
§ 8-1574 Limitations on backing vehicle
§ 8-1575 Driving upon sidewalk
§ 8-1576 Driving vehicle prohibited when driver’s view or driving mechanism obstructed
§ 8-1577 Opening and closing vehicle doors
§ 8-1578 Riding in house trailer or mobile or manufactured home prohibited
§ 8-1578a Riding on vehicle prohibited, when; exceptions
§ 8-1579 Driving in defiles or canyons or on steep grades
§ 8-1580 Coasting prohibited
§ 8-1581 Following fire apparatus prohibited
§ 8-1582 Driving over fire hose prohibited
§ 8-1583 Putting glass, etc., on highway prohibited
§ 8-1584 Restrictions on driving into intersection or crosswalk or onto railroad grade crossing
§ 8-1585 Limitations on operation of snowmobile
§ 8-1586 Unlawful acts; application of regulations
§ 8-1587 Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles
§ 8-1588 Riding on bicycles
§ 8-1589 Same; clinging to other vehicles prohibited
§ 8-1590 Riding on bicycles or mopeds; riding on roadways and bicycle paths
§ 8-1591 Same; carrying articles
§ 8-1592 Lamps, brakes and other equipment on bicycles
§ 8-1592a Application of 8-1586 to 8-1592 to motorized bicycles
§ 8-1592b Electric-assisted bicycles; traffic law application; no registration or driver’s license required
§ 8-1593 Rights and duties of persons riding motorcycles
§ 8-1594 Operation of motorcycles
§ 8-1595 Same; roadways laned for traffic
§ 8-1596 Same; clinging to other vehicles prohibited
§ 8-1597 Same; equipment on motorcycles for passengers
§ 8-1598 Operation of motorcycles; equipment required for operators and riders
§ 8-1599 Transportation of liquor in opened containers unlawful; exceptions; penalty; report of prior convictions; city or county not prohibited from enacting comparable ordinance or resolution, requirements
§ 8-15,100 Operation of all-terrain vehicles; where; when; exceptions
§ 8-15,101 Unlawful operation of low-speed vehicle
§ 8-15,102 Littering
§ 8-15,103 Failure to obey school crossing guard
§ 8-15,104 School crossing guards; appointment; training; limitations
§ 8-15,106 Operation of micro utility trucks; where; when
§ 8-15,107 Removal of vehicles obstructing traffic; requirements
§ 8-15,108 Operation of golf cart; where; when
§ 8-15,109 Operation of work-site utility vehicle; where; when
§ 8-15,110 Covering license plate with plastic-like material
§ 8-15,111 Text messaging, prohibited; exceptions