(1) A person is guilty of forgery in the second degree when, with intent to defraud, deceive or injure another, he falsely makes, completes or alters a written instrument, or in the commission of a human trafficking offense as described in KRS 529.100 or 529.110, coerces another person to falsely make, complete, or alter a written instrument, which is or purports to be or which is calculated to become or to represent when completed:
(a) A deed, will, codicil, contract, assignment, commercial instrument, credit card or other instrument which does or may evidence, create, transfer, terminate or otherwise affect a legal right, interest, obligation or status; or
(b) A public record or an instrument filed or required or authorized by law to be filed in or with a public office or public employee; or
(c) A written instrument officially issued or created by a public office, public employee or governmental agency.
(2) Forgery in the second degree is a Class D felony.
Effective: June 25, 2013
History: Amended 2013 Ky. Acts ch. 25, sec. 26, effective June 25, 2013. — 1974 Ky.
Acts ch. 406, sec. 134, effective January 1, 1975.