§ 392.010 Husband’s interest in wife’s realty same as wife’s interest in his
§ 392.020 Surviving spouse’s interest in property of deceased spouse — “Dower” and “curtesy” defined
§ 392.030 Actual possession by deceased spouse not necessary for dower or curtesy
§ 392.040 Lands in which surviving spouse to have no dower or curtesy
§ 392.050 Rights of surviving spouse pending assignment of dower or curtesy
§ 392.060 Dower need not be allotted from all parcels
§ 392.070 Recovery of dower or curtesy from heir, devisee or purchaser — Value of — Rents
§ 392.080 Surviving spouse may renounce will — Form to use when renouncing will — Share of the surviving spouse in such case — When devise or bequest is in addition to dower or curtesy
§ 392.090 All property claims barred by divorce or adultery
§ 392.100 Dower or curtesy rights in event of bigamy
§ 392.110 Default or collusive judgment no bar to dower or curtesy — Collusive assignment does not bind heir
§ 392.120 Jointure — When a bar to dower or curtesy — Waiver of — Indemnity for loss of
§ 392.130 Release of dower or curtesy upon sale of estate of infant or mentally disabled spouse
§ 392.140 Sale or mortgage of dower or curtesy interest of mentally disabled spouse