§ 161.010 Definitions for KRS 161.020 to 161.134
§ 161.011 Definitions of “classified employee” and “seniority” — Job classifications and minimum qualifications — Requirement of written contracts and written personnel policies — Reduction in force — Registry of vacant classified employee positions and t
§ 161.017 Education Professional Standards Board to be headed by commissioner of education — Duties and powers
§ 161.020 Certificates required of school employees — Filing requirements — Validity and terms for renewal
§ 161.027 Preparation program for principals — Assessment and internship requirements
§ 161.028 Education Professional Standards Board — Powers and duties regarding the preparation and certification of professional school personnel — Membership
§ 161.030 Certification authority — Assessments of beginning teachers and teachers seeking additional certification — Conditional certificates — Temporary certificates — Internship — Beginning teacher committee — Resource teachers — Emeritus and except
§ 161.032 Certification incentive fund — Purpose of grants — Eligibility — Priorities — Forgivable loan incentive — Stipend — Other financial incentives
§ 161.042 Status of student teachers — Responsibility to administrative staff and supervising teachers — Professional competency requirement for supervising teachers
§ 161.044 Requirements for teachers’ aides — Legal status — Preference to certified applicants — Training
§ 161.046 Adjunct instructors
§ 161.048 Legislative findings — Alternative certification program — Purpose — Options — Testing and eligibility requirements — Salary schedule
§ 161.049 Professional support teams — Training program — Alternate training program
§ 161.051 Braille requirements for teacher certification of blind and visually impaired students
§ 161.052 Certification of teachers for gifted education
§ 161.053 Certification of teachers of exceptional children/communication disorders
§ 161.095 Continuing education for teachers — Extension for military service — Administrative regulations
§ 161.100 Emergency certificates
§ 161.102 Emergency substitute teaching certificates
§ 161.115 Deletion of certificate, certificate endorsement, or subject specialization from official certification record at holder’s option — Restoration of deleted areas of certification
§ 161.120 Disciplinary actions relating to certificates — Appeals
§ 161.1211 Classification of teachers
§ 161.1221 Out-of-field teaching
§ 161.1222 Pilot teacher internship program — Report to Interim Joint Committee on Education — Appropriated funds
§ 161.123 Reciprocity certification for out-of-state teachers
§ 161.124 Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel
§ 161.126 Designation of commissioner of education as state official under agreement — Handling contracts under agreement
§ 161.131 Legislative findings and goals on national board certification
§ 161.132 Definitions for KRS 161.131 to 161.134 and KRS 157.395 and 161.123
§ 161.133 Teachers’ national certification incentive trust fund — Purposes — Appropriations
§ 161.134 Preparation for national board certification — Incentives — Authority to prorate reimbursements if funds insufficient — Administrative regulations for mentoring program
§ 161.141 Participation in retirement systems — State-sponsored insurance program — Appropriations for retirement and insurance — Sick leave credit — Requirements and prohibitions concerning public charter school employees and local school boards — Emplo
§ 161.145 Cost of physical examination required for employment of classified personnel
§ 161.148 Use of volunteer personnel — Criminal records check — Orientation — Exception
§ 161.151 Removal of references to criminal allegations not resulting in charge or conviction from school employee’s personnel file — Nonpreclusion of separate investigation
§ 161.152 Emergency leave for school employees
§ 161.153 Leave for jury duty for teachers and state employees
§ 161.154 Personal leave days for school employees
§ 161.155 Definitions for section — Salary, benefits, and leave for employee or teacher when victim of assault — Sick leave for employee or teacher — Sick leave bank — Sick leave donation program — Payment for unused sick leave upon retirement or death
§ 161.157 Credits allowed transferred employee of Department of Education or Education Professional Standards Board
§ 161.158 Group insurance — Board’s termination of participation in state health plan — Employees offered coverage in state health plan under federal law eligible for state-funded contribution — Deductions from salaries
§ 161.159 Adoption of rules and regulations to implement life insurance program
§ 161.163 Employees’ application form not to require disclosure of religious affiliation
§ 161.164 Political activity prohibited — Discrimination prohibited — Instructional materials requirements — Student not required to advocate for perspective with which he or she does not agree — Employee not required to engage in training that stereotype
§ 161.165 Recruitment of minority teachers
§ 161.166 Training program for Kentucky Virtual High School on-line coaches
§ 161.167 Program to encourage persons to enter Kentucky teaching profession — Reports
§ 161.168 Certified employee granted leave of absence for active military service — Medical insurance — Contribution to retirement system to be retroactive — Credit given — Exclusions
§ 161.170 Teachers to enforce course of study and use of books — Removal for failure
§ 161.175 Teachers involved in illegal use of controlled substances
§ 161.180 Supervision of pupils’ conduct
§ 161.185 Certified or classified staff member to accompany students on school-sponsored or endorsed trips — Exceptions
§ 161.190 Abuse of teacher, classified employee, or school administrator prohibited
§ 161.195 Notice to teacher of student’s history of physically abusive conduct or carrying a concealed weapon
§ 161.200 Records to be kept by teachers — Exceptions
§ 161.210 Reports to be made by teachers
§ 161.220 Definitions for KRS 161.220 to 161.716 and 161.990
§ 161.230 Retirement system — Purpose — Name
§ 161.250 Board of trustees to control retirement — Membership — Appeals — Trustee education program — Public disclosure of best practices model — Administrative regulations for authorized benefit improvements
§ 161.260 Election of members of board of trustees
§ 161.270 Vacancies, how filled
§ 161.280 Oath of board members
§ 161.290 Meetings, compensation, and expenses of board members
§ 161.300 Quorum
§ 161.310 Administrative regulations — Rules, regulations, and policies of participating employers to conform to chapter — Retirement incentives
§ 161.320 Record of proceedings — Annual report
§ 161.330 Cost of administration, how paid — Office space
§ 161.340 Officers of board — Personnel of system — Contracting for services and commodities — Liability insurance — Leave balances
§ 161.370 Treasurer, auditor, and legal adviser of board — Annual audit of Teachers’ Retirement System
§ 161.380 Duties of treasurer — Custodian of securities
§ 161.390 Actuarial data to be kept
§ 161.400 Duties of actuary — Actuarial investigations, valuations, and analyses
§ 161.420 Funds and accounts of retirement system
§ 161.430 Investment of funds — Standards of conduct — Investment procurement policy
§ 161.440 Assignment of interest to funds
§ 161.460 Conflict of interest — Trustees, employees, members of General Assembly, public servants
§ 161.470 Membership — Forfeiture of service credit — Termination of membership — Forfeiture of benefits — Reinstatement — Payment of accumulated account balance
§ 161.480 Statement of member — Designation of beneficiaries
§ 161.490 Investigation of statement
§ 161.500 Service credit
§ 161.507 Prior service credit for veterans — Credit for military service and uniformed service by active contributing member
§ 161.515 Out-of-state service credit — Contribution — Kentucky Peace Corps and federal Peace Corps service credit — Retirement factor
§ 161.520 Payment of survivor’s benefit on death
§ 161.522 Survivors of certain members retired for disability may elect annuity
§ 161.525 Death of member eligible to retire — Options of beneficiary — Monthly minimum allowance to surviving spouse
§ 161.530 Restoration of forfeited account — Exception
§ 161.540 Members’ contributions — Picked-up contributions
§ 161.545 Contributions and service credit for substitute service, part-time service, or leave of absence — Contributions not to be picked up — Purchases of service credit for leaves of absence for health, child-rearing, and educational improvement reasons
§ 161.5461 Purchase of service credit with rolled-over or transferred retirement funds
§ 161.5465 Member with twenty years’ service credit may purchase five years’ service credit — Exceptions
§ 161.547 Member having service as legislator may purchase four years’ credit in the retirement system
§ 161.548 Purchase of service credit by individual who served in a regional community program for mental health and individuals with an intellectual disability
§ 161.549 Purchase of service credit by individual who was employed at a Federal Head Start agency
§ 161.550 Contribution to system by employers and state — Contributions to pension, medical insurance, and life insurance funds
§ 161.553 Funding of past statutory benefit improvements — Schedules for appropriations — Cost-of-living increases
§ 161.555 Employer contributions for members employed in positions established under federal educational acts
§ 161.556 Employer contributions for members employed by regional educational cooperatives
§ 161.560 Deduction and forwarding of teachers’ contributions — Reporting requirements — Picked-up employee contributions — Correction of omitted member contributions
§ 161.565 Reduction and pick-up of contributions by university faculty members
§ 161.567 Authorization for optional retirement plan for designated employees of certain public universities
§ 161.568 Eligibility to participate in optional retirement plan — Election to change from optional retirement plan to Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System
§ 161.569 Effect of election to participate — Payment of benefits — Taxation and attachment of benefits — Employer contributions
§ 161.580 Individual accounts to be kept — Other data — Summary plan description — Publication — Recipients
§ 161.585 Member’s account confidential — Release of certain information from accounts of current or former legislators — Medical records on file confidential — Production of records in response to a subpoena or court order
§ 161.590 Service credit at retirement
§ 161.595 Credit upon service retirement
§ 161.597 Installment payments for purchase of service credit by active contributing members
§ 161.600 Retirement conditions — Consolidation of accounts — Applications and forms — Surviving spouse
§ 161.605 Resumption of employment by retired member — Continuation of retirement allowance — Individuals who retire and are reemployed — Waiver of annuity — Part-time, substitute teaching, and nonteaching employment
§ 161.607 Employment in position covered by other Kentucky retirement system
§ 161.608 Computation of benefits of member who has an account with another state system
§ 161.611 Supplemental retirement benefit plan — Purpose — Administration — Eligibility — Payments
§ 161.612 Membership of individuals providing part-time and substitute services — Service credit — Participation in benefits
§ 161.614 Court-ordered back salary and reinstatement
§ 161.615 Limited defined contribution plan — Purpose — Administration — Eligibility — Payments
§ 161.620 Retirement allowances for university and nonuniversity retirees — Amount — Increases — Payments for adult dependents
§ 161.623 Use of unused sick-leave days to determine service credit — Applicability to individuals becoming members on or after July 1, 2008 — Maximum amount
§ 161.624 Responsibilities of members
§ 161.630 Benefit options — Change in benefit option by retiree — Beneficiary redesignation after retirement
§ 161.633 Foundational component for persons who became nonuniversity members on or after January 1, 2022 — Valuation assessment — Adjustments to maintain funding level and contain costs — Construction
§ 161.634 Foundational component for persons who became university members on or after January 1, 2022 — Valuation assessment — Adjustments to maintain funding level and contain costs — Construction
§ 161.635 Supplemental component for persons who became nonuniversity members on or after January 1, 2022 — Benefit — Contributions — Election upon termination of employment and upon retirement — Plans authorized under Internal Revenue Code
§ 161.636 Supplemental component for persons who became university members on or after January 1, 2022 — Benefit — Contributions — Election upon termination of employment and upon retirement — Plans authorized under Internal Revenue Code
§ 161.640 Payment of annuities — Payroll deductions — Electronic fund transfer, exception
§ 161.643 Records and annual reports for annuitants employed by school districts or agencies — Penalty for noncompliance — System may require more frequent reporting
§ 161.650 Death of retired member — Payment to beneficiaries — Effect of divorce decree — Failure to designate beneficiary
§ 161.655 Life insurance benefit — Assignment of benefit
§ 161.661 Disability retirement
§ 161.662 Status of disabled teachers and superintendents
§ 161.663 Disability retirement with less than required years of service
§ 161.675 Hospital and medical benefits and health insurance coverage for eligible recipients of retirement allowances from Teachers’ Retirement System — Applicability to individuals becoming members on or after July 1, 2008 — Health insurance supplement pa
§ 161.677 Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System insurance trust fund
§ 161.680 Mistake in payment — Correction of error — Collection of overpayments
§ 161.690 Falsifying record prohibited
§ 161.695 Use and acceptance of electronic signatures
§ 161.700 Funds exempt from taxation and process — Taxability after December 31, 1997 — Benefits not considered marital property — Qualified domestic relations order
§ 161.710 Local system merged with state system
§ 161.714 Inviolable contract
§ 161.716 Federal laws take precedence over Kentucky statutes pertaining to Teachers’ Retirement System
§ 161.720 Definitions for teachers’ tenure law
§ 161.721 Superintendent eligible for continuing contract status
§ 161.730 Limited or continuing contract with teachers required
§ 161.740 Eligibility for continuing service status — Limited status employee on approved military leave — Transfer of teachers — Reinstatement after service in Armed Forces — District-level administrative position in county with consolidated local govern
§ 161.750 Nonrenewal of limited contracts
§ 161.760 Notice of salary to be paid to teacher — Increases — Reductions in responsibility
§ 161.765 Procedures for demotion of administrative personnel — Appeal
§ 161.770 Leaves of absence
§ 161.780 Termination of contract by teacher or superintendent — Resignation binding as of date of acceptance
§ 161.790 Termination of contract by board — Administrative hearing tribunal — Sanctions
§ 161.795 Investigation of and records that school employee acted improperly relating to statewide assessment program — Certain records to be expunged
§ 161.800 Suspension of contracts on reducing number of teachers
§ 161.810 Continuance of status in case of annexation or consolidation of schools
§ 161.990 Penalties

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  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.
  • Allegation: something that someone says happened.
  • Amendment: A proposal to alter the text of a pending bill or other measure by striking out some of it, by inserting new language, or both. Before an amendment becomes part of the measure, thelegislature must agree to it.
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  • Lease: A contract transferring the use of property or occupancy of land, space, structures, or equipment in consideration of a payment (e.g., rent). Source: OCC
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  • Lien: A claim against real or personal property in satisfaction of a debt.
  • Litigation: A case, controversy, or lawsuit. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are called litigants.
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  • Oath: A promise to tell the truth.
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