§421.  Definitions

A.  As used in this Chapter:

(1)  “Agent contract” means any contract or agreement, whether written or oral, under which an athlete authorizes an athlete agent to negotiate or solicit on behalf of the athlete for the employment of the athlete by one or more professional sports teams.

(2)  “Anything of value” means any thing of value.  It shall be given the broadest possible construction, including any conceivable thing of the slightest value, movable or immovable, corporeal or incorporeal, public or private, and specifically including  transportation, telephone and telegraph services, or other services available for hire.  It shall be construed in the popular sense of the phrase and not necessarily as synonymous with the traditional legal term “property”.  It shall specifically include but not be limited to a donation, sale, lease, loan, suretyship, and mortgage.

(3)(a)  “Athlete” means a student who resides in this state, or a student who does not reside in this state but has informed in writing an institution of higher education in this state of the student’s intent to participate in that school’s intercollegiate sports contests, and who is characterized by either of the following:

(i)  Is eligible to participate in junior high, high school, or intercollegiate sports contests as a member of a sports team of a junior high, high school, or institution of higher education which is located in this state and which is a member of a federation or association.

(ii)  Has participated as a member of such a sports team at a junior high, high school, or institution of higher education.

(b)  “Athlete” does not mean a student who has completed his last intercollegiate or interscholastic sports contest, including postseason contests, or who has notified in writing the athletic director or head coach of the school or institution at which he is participating that he is renouncing his eligibility to participate on such sports team.

(4)  “Athlete agent” means any person who recruits or solicits an athlete to enter into an agent contract or professional sport services contract with any person, or who offers anything of value to any person to induce an athlete to enter into an agreement by which any person will represent the athlete, or who for anything of value procures, offers, promises, or attempts to obtain employment for an athlete with a professional sports team.

(5)  “Athlete contract” means any contract or agreement executed by a student athlete with an educational institution or school concerning the student’s participation in that institution’s intercollegiate sport contests or interscholastic athletic activities.

(6)  “Certified by the appropriate players association” means that an athlete agent has received approval of his application for certification from the appropriate players association of the professional league for which he is soliciting athletes, has fulfilled all other requirements of the players association, and is in good standing before the players association.

(7)  “Contact” means any communication by an athlete agent or by any intermediary with an athlete, or with any third person for the purpose of having that third person communicate with the athlete about the possibility of or formation of any business, financial, or other contractual relationship or agreement, including an agent contract, a professional services contract, or a professional sports services contract.

(8)  “Division” means the public protection division of the Department of Justice.

(9)  “Federation or association” means any state or national association for the promotion and regulation of interscholastic or intercollegiate sports governing athletes and their relationships with athlete agents.

(10)  “Institution” means any institution of higher education in this state having an athlete contract with an athlete.

(11)  “Intermediaries” or “third person” means any persons other than the athlete agent or the athlete.

(12)  “Person” means an individual, company, corporation, association, partnership, or other legal entity.

(13)  “Registered athlete agent” means an athlete agent registered with the division under the provisions of this Chapter.

(14)  “School” means any secondary school in this state, including high schools and junior high schools, that has an athlete contract with an athlete.

B.  For purposes of this Chapter, the execution by an athlete of a personal service contract with the owner or prospective owner of a professional sports team for the purpose of future athletic services is equivalent to employment with a professional sports team.

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