A.  All institutions of higher education located in this state shall sponsor athlete agent interviews on their campuses during the athlete’s final year of eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics, and a registered athlete agent may interview the athlete to discuss the athlete agent’s representation of the athlete in the marketing of the athlete’s athletic ability or reputation.

B.  All institutions sponsoring athlete agent interviews shall give public notice of those interviews not later than the thirtieth day before the date on which the period in which the interviews may be conducted begins.  Institutions shall provide written notice of the time, place, and duration of the athlete agent interview program to those registered athlete agents who have previously furnished the athletic director of such institutions with their addresses.

C.  The registered athlete agent shall strictly adhere to the specific rules of each separate institution with regard to the time, place, and duration of the registered athlete agent interviews.  The interviews shall be conducted in the final year of eligibility during a period not to exceed thirty consecutive days.

D.  When an athletic director and head coach is given notice by an athlete agent of intent to contact an athlete, the athletic director or head coach shall, within seventy-two hours, schedule a meeting with the athlete to explain to the athlete the consequences of such contact for the athlete and for the institution.  After such meeting, the athletic director or head coach shall notify the athlete agent in writing that the contact may proceed.

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