§4212.  Identification

No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, transport, offer for sale or transportation, or receive for transportation, in intrastate commerce, any carcasses of horses, mules or other equines or parts of such carcasses, or the meat or meat food products thereof, unless they are plainly and conspicuously marked or labeled or otherwise identified as required by regulations prescribed by the commissioner to show kind of animals from which they derived.  When required by the commissioner with respect to establishments at which inspection is maintained under this Chapter, such animals and their carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products shall be prepared in establishments separate from those in which cattle, sheep, poultry, swine or goats are slaughtered or their carcasses, parts thereof, meats, meat food products or poultry products are prepared.

Acts 1968, No. 376, §11.  Amended by Acts 1970, No. 615, §1; Acts 1985, No. 73, §1.