A.  All of the following establishments shall be required to post information regarding the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline:

(1)  Every massage parlor, spa, or hotel that has been found to be a public nuisance for prostitution as set forth in R.S. 13:4711.

(2)  Every strip club or other sexually-oriented business as set forth in R.S. 37:3558(C).

(3)  Every full service fuel facility adjacent to an interstate highway or highway rest stop.

(4)  Every outpatient abortion facility as defined by R.S. 40:2175.3.

B.(1)(a)  Such posting shall be no smaller than eight and one-half inches by eleven inches and shall contain the following wording in bold typed print of not less than fourteen-point font:

(b)  Such posting shall also comply with any other requirements established by regulations promulgated by the commissioner of the office of alcohol and tobacco control in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

(2)  The language in the posting shall be printed in English, Louisiana French, Spanish, and any other languages that the commissioner of alcohol and tobacco control shall require.

C.  The following departments of the state shall provide each establishment described in Subsection A of this Section over which that department exercises any regulatory control or authority with the notice required by this Section.  The departments shall post on their websites a sample of the posting described in Subsection B of this Section which shall be accessible for download.  The departments are as follows:

(1)  Department of Revenue and the office of alcohol and tobacco control.

(2)  Department of Transportation and Development.

(3)  The Department of Health and Hospitals.

D.  A civil penalty in accordance with R.S. 26:96(A) may be assessed for each violation of this Section.  The departments listed in Subsection C of this Section or any law enforcement agency with jurisdiction are charged with the enforcement of this Section.

Acts 2012, No. 154, §1; Acts 2013, No. 430, §1; Acts 2014, No. 565, §1.