A.  The legislature finds that:

(1)  The dairy industry is a paramount agricultural industry affecting the health and welfare of the citizens of this state.

(2)  In order to insure the continuing availability of a sufficient quantity of pure and wholesome milk and other dairy products to the consumers of this state, it is essential that appropriate action be taken by the state to promote knowledge of the health giving qualities and dietary values of milk and other dairy products in order to encourage consumer attention to and demand for milk and other dairy products consistent with their importance and value.

B.  It is therefore declared to be the legislative intent and the policy of this state to assist dairy producers and others in the dairy industry to more effectively promote the consumption of Louisiana milk and other Louisiana dairy products in order to assure a sufficient quantity of such products for Louisiana consumers.

Added by Acts 1983, No. 526, §1, eff. July 8, 1983; Acts 2009, No. 24, §8L, eff. June 12, 2009.