§ 32:51 Vehicle license required
§ 32:52 Driver must be licensed
§ 32:54 Size, weight and load of vehicles limited
§ 32:55 Exclusion of vehicles from highways; notice required
§ 32:56 Obedience to police officers, weights and standards police officers, and traffic signs
§ 32:57.2 Fee for expenses incurred for renewal or reissuance of suspended operator’s license; office of the prosecuting authority
§ 32:58 Careless operation

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  • Emergency: shall mean an unforeseen mischance bringing with it destruction or injury of life or property or the imminent threat of such destruction or injury, the result of an order from any judicial body to take immediate action which requires construction or maintenance without time to comply with the formalities of this Part. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 48:251.9
  • person: includes a body of persons, whether incorporated or not. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:2021