§ 9:3131 Legislative intent
§ 9:3132 Definitions
§ 9:3133 Private transfer fee; prohibition
§ 9:3134 Violations; liability
§ 9:3135 Disclosure
§ 9:3136 Existing transfer fee obligations; notice requirements

Terms Used In Louisiana Laws > Revised Statutes > Title 9 > CODE BOOK II > CODE TITLE VII > Chapter 4-A

  • Approved school: means any school of nursing preparing registered nurse applicants, approved by the board and including Charity Hospital School of Nursing, which is approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3133
  • Board: means the Board of Regents. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3133
  • Committee: means the committee of deans, directors, and department heads of the approved schools and programs of nursing which prepare registered nurse applicants and a nonvoting representative of the board. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3133
  • person: includes a body of persons, whether incorporated or not. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:2021
  • Practical nurse: means a person who practices practical nursing and who is licensed to practice under this Part. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:2800.67
  • Private transfer fee: means a fee or charge required by a private transfer fee obligation and payable upon the transfer of an interest in an immovable, or payable for the right to make or accept such transfer, regardless of whether the fee or charge is a fixed amount or is determined as a percentage of the value of the immovable, the purchase price, or other consideration given for the transfer. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3132
  • Private transfer fee obligation: means any obligation arising under any recorded or unrecorded declaration or agreement, whether or not purporting to create a servitude, building restriction or other real right, to pay a private transfer fee to a party to the declaration or agreement, or his successors or assigns, or a third person upon a subsequent transfer of an interest in the immovable. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3132
  • Transfer: means the sale, donation, conveyance, assignment, inheritance, or other transfer of an ownership interest in an immovable located in this state. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:3132