Chapter 1 Department Of Agriculture, Food And Rural Resources
Chapter 2 Interest In Agricultural Land
Chapter 2-B Registration Of Farmland
Chapter 2-C Voluntary Municipal Farm Support Program
Chapter 4 Agricultural Fairs And Pulling Events
Chapter 5 Board Of Agriculture And Maine Agricultural Experiment Station
Chapter 6 Maine Agriculture Protection Act
Chapter 7 Extension Work With State University
Chapter 8-A Food And Food Policy
Chapter 8-B Agricultural Internship And Training
Chapter 8-D Agricultural Awareness
Chapter 10 Agricultural Development Grant Program
Chapter 10-B Maine Farms For The Future Program
Chapter 13 Agricultural Water Management And Irrigation
Chapter 101 General Provisions
Chapter 103 Products Controlled
Chapter 105 Payment Of Dues
Chapter 201 Livestock And Poultry
Chapter 202 Cervids
Chapter 202-A Commercial Large Game Shooting Areas
Chapter 203 Mink
Chapter 207 Auctions
Chapter 301 General Provisions
Chapter 303 Control Of Diseases
Chapter 305 Eradication Of Diseases
Chapter 307 State Of Maine Animal Response Team
Chapter 401 Certified Seed
Chapter 403 Seed Potato Board
Chapter 404 Arborist Licensing
Chapter 405-A Horticulture
Chapter 406 Ginseng
Chapter 406-A Hemp
Chapter 409 Quarantines
Chapter 410 Pest Control Compact
Chapter 411 Control And Eradication Of Potato Pests And Diseases
Chapter 413 Integrated Pest Management
Chapter 415 Maine Pesticide Education Fund
Chapter 521 Licensing Requirements
Chapter 523 Importation Requirements
Chapter 525 Disease Control
Chapter 527 Inspection
Chapter 529 Protection From Damage
Chapter 531 Rules And Violations
Chapter 601 Milk And Milk Products
Chapter 603 Milk Commission
Chapter 603-A Destructive Competition
Chapter 604 Milk Tax
Chapter 604-A Maine Dairy And Nutrition Council Tax
Chapter 611 Milk Pooling
Chapter 717 Animal Welfare Act
Chapter 719 Uncontrolled Dogs
Chapter 720 Rabies Prevention And Shelter Provisions
Chapter 721 Dog Licenses
Chapter 723 Facility Licenses
Chapter 725 Municipal Duties
Chapter 727 Dangerous Dogs
Chapter 729 Damage By Animals
Chapter 730-A Breeding, Sale And Transportation Of Small Mammals
Chapter 731 Mistreatment Of Animals
Chapter 733 Transportation Of Animals
Chapter 735 Research Institutions
Chapter 737 Calf And Pig Scrambles
Chapter 739 Cruelty To Animals
Chapter 741 Animal Trespass
Chapter 743 Equine Activities
Chapter 745 Sale Of Dogs And Cats
Chapter 747 Nutrient Management Act