This section shall apply only to school construction projects approved by the State Board of Education prior to July 1, 1977. [1977, c. 563, §4 (NEW).]

Any eligible administrative unit qualifying for school construction aid under section 3457 which, after April 27, 1967, has authorized a school construction project and the financing thereof may apply to the State Board of Education for such aid. Such application shall be accompanied by an attested copy of the vote or resolution authorizing such project and financing and by such additional information, drawings, preliminary plans and estimates of cost as the state board may require. Such drawings, plans and specifications shall bear the approval of the Bureau of Public Improvements. [1973, c. 625, §104 (AMD).]

Forthwith upon receipt of such application, the board shall examine the application and any other information required by it relative thereto and shall approve or disapprove the proposed project for such state aid. Before approving the project of any administrative unit for school construction aid, the board shall make the following findings: [1973, c. 571, §71 (AMD).]

1. Eligibility.  That the administrative unit and the proposed project are eligible for school construction aid under section 3457;
[ 1967, c. 224, §10 (NEW) .]

Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 20 Sec. 3458

2. Interest.  That the proposed project and the authorized method of financing it are in the best interest of the State and the administrative unit;
[ 1971, c. 530, §36-B (AMD) .]

3. Estimated cost.  The total estimated major capital outlay expenditures of the proposed project as approved by the board;
[ 1975, c. 272, §9 (AMD) .]

4. Percentage of state aid.  The percentage of the total major capital outlay expenditures that the administrative unit was qualified to receive in school construction aid for the proposed project at the time when the proposed project and its financing were authorized, as computed in Table II of section 3457 and Title 20-A, section 8351.
[ RR 2011, c. 2, §16 (COR) .]

5. Area needs.  Each construction project approved in single-town administrative units shall be approved or disapproved for construction aid by the board on the basis of whether or not the construction project is consistent with the total school construction needs of the area where the unit is located.
[ 1971, c. 610, §21 (AMD) .]

If the board approves the proposed project for school construction aid, it shall issue a certificate of approval, which certificate shall set forth the findings required by this section and otherwise shall be in such form as the board shall determine. No state aid shall be paid to any administrative unit on any project to which this section is applicable until such certificate of approval shall have been issued by the board. [1973, c. 571, §71 (AMD).]

Nothing in this section shall affect any state aid payable with respect to school construction projects authorized prior to April 27, 1967. [1973, c. 625, §105 (AMD).]


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