Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 30-A Sec. 1654

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.

The county commissioners of the several counties shall, without extra charge or commission to themselves or to any other person, procure all necessary supplies, including necessary food, fuel, bedding and clothing for the jails and the prisoners in the jails, to be furnished and purchased under their direction and at the expense of the counties. A county commissioner may not be interested directly or indirectly in the purchase of any such supplies or in any contract for such supplies made by the board of which and while the county commissioner is a member, and all contracts made in violation of this provision are void. A suitable person must be employed to prepare the foods of the prisoners in each county at the expense of the county. The service of the food to the prisoners is under the general direction of the jailer, master or keeper. The sheriff shall appoint the person employed to prepare the food of the prisoners subject to the approval of the county commissioners. The county commissioners may at any time direct specific rations or articles of food, clothing, soap, fuel or other necessities to be provided to the prisoners. The bills and accounts for supplies furnished and the items of expense incurred in preparing and serving these supplies must be audited pursuant to section 951. [2015, c. 44, §6 (AMD).]


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