§ 2771 Disease and parasites of honeybees
§ 2772 Possession

Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes > Title 7 > Part 6-A > Chapter 525

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • lands: includes lands and all tenements and hereditaments connected therewith, and all rights thereto and interests therein. See Maine Revised Statutes Title 15 Sec. 225
  • person: as used in this Title shall be construed to import both the singular and the plural, as the case demands, and shall include corporations, companies, societies and associations. See Maine Revised Statutes Title 14 Sec. 1351
  • State paper: means the newspaper designated by the Legislature, in which advertisements and notices are required to be published. See Maine Revised Statutes Title 15 Sec. 225