§ 1 Actions requiring commencement within twenty years
§ 2 Contract actions; actions upon judgments or decrees of courts of record
§ 2A Tort, contract to recover for personal injuries, and replevin actions
§ 2B Tort actions arising from improvements to real property
§ 2C Actions for damages, etc. for physical alteration or destruction of fine art
§ 2D Actions to recover costs of asbestos related corrective actions
§ 2E Actions against the Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust
§ 3 Misconduct or negligence of deputies; actions against sheriffs
§ 3A Claims against commonwealth
§ 4 Certain tort or contract actions for malpractice, error or mistake
§ 4A Back wages, actions to recover
§ 4B Hit and run accidents
§ 4C Sexual abuse of minors
§ 4C1/2 Negligent supervision or conduct causing or contributing to the sexual abuse of minor by another person
§ 4D Civil remedies for victims of trafficking of persons for sexual servitude; damages; time for actions; representation of victim’s rights by others
§ 5 Penalties and forfeitures
§ 5A Consumer protection actions
§ 5B Civil rights actions
§ 6 Mutual and open account current
§ 7 Minors and incapacitated persons
§ 8 Citizens of enemy country; suspension of limitation
§ 9 Nonresident defendant; suspension of limitation
§ 10 Death of party; effect
§ 11 Contracts or acts of fiduciaries
§ 12 Fraudulent concealment; commencement of limitations
§ 13 Acknowledgment or new promise; effect
§ 14 Part payment; effect
§ 15 Acknowledgment or new promise by joint contractor; effect
§ 16 Acknowledgment or new promise by joint contractor; judgment
§ 17 Action not to be dismissed for failure to join barred party defendant
§ 18 Actions by state; laws applicable
§ 19 Special limitations
§ 19A Currency; euro as commercially reasonable substitute and substantial equivalent
§ 20 Presumption of satisfaction of judgment
§ 21 Recovery of land
§ 22 Accrual of right or title to land; limitation
§ 28 Possession of land; requisites
§ 29 Estates tail; barring remainders and reversions
§ 30 Estates tail; death of tenant; effect
§ 31 Actions by commonwealth
§ 31A Right of entry for condition broken or possibility of reverter; procedure
§ 32 Dismissal of action or reversal or vacation of judgment; commencement of new action
§ 33 Obsolete mortgages
§ 34 Extension of mortgage; acknowledgment that mortgage not satisfied, etc.
§ 35 Mortgage defined; commencement of proceedings, prerequisites; application of Secs. 33 to 35
§ 36 Application; computation