§ 1 False or forged records, certificates, returns, attestations and other writings
§ 2 Railroad or admission tickets, passes or badges
§ 3 Seal of land court; stamping documents without authority
§ 4 Railroad company stamp; forging or using without authority
§ 5 Uttering false or forged records, deeds or other writings
§ 6 Uttering a forged railroad or admission ticket, pass or badge
§ 7 False or forged note, certificate or other bill of credit issued for debt of commonwealth
§ 8 False, forged or counterfeited bank bill, note or traveller’s check
§ 9 Possession of ten or more of false, forged or counterfeited notes or bills
§ 10 Uttering, passing or tendering false, forged or counterfeited note, certificate, bill or traveller’s check
§ 11 Common utterers of counterfeit bills
§ 12 Possession of false, forged or counterfeit bills, notes or traveller’s checks
§ 13 Tools or material for making false, forged or counterfeited notes, certificates, bills or traveller’s checks
§ 14 Evidence relative to forged or counterfeited bank or institution bills or notes
§ 15 Certificates of certain officials of the United States, a state or territory, as evidence
§ 16 Fictitious signatures of corporate officers or agents
§ 17 Counterfeiting coin; possession of ten or more pieces of false money
§ 18 Possession of less than ten pieces of counterfeit coin; uttering, passing or tendering in payment
§ 19 Common utterers of counterfeit coin
§ 20 Tools for making counterfeit coin
§ 21 Notes, bills, orders or checks as currency
§ 22 Notes, bills, orders or checks for less than five dollars, as currency
§ 23 Bank notes or bills for a fraction of a dollar
§ 24 Connecting parts of instruments
§ 25 Damaging or impairing bank bills or notes
§ 26 Gathering or retaining bank bills or notes
§ 27 Possession of worthless bank bills or notes
§ 28 Uttering, passing or tendering worthless bank bills or notes
§ 29 Shop bills or advertisements similar to bank bills or treasury notes or other United States Securities
§ 30 Seizure of false, forged or counterfeit bills, notes or bonds or counterfeiter’s tools; destruction; return
§ 31 Compensation to prosecutors and officers