§ 752.1001 Short title
§ 752.1002 Definitions
§ 752.1003 False claims, statements, or representations; violation as separate offense; liability of health facility or agency; concealing or failing to disclose certain events; violation of section as felony; penalty; section inapplicable to application for coverag
§ 752.1004 Kickbacks, bribes, or rebates as felony; penalty
§ 752.1004a Rebate or discount from drug manufacturer; use; effect
§ 752.1004b Rebate or discount from medical supply or device manufacturer; use; effect
§ 752.1005 Agreement, combination, or conspiracy to defraud as felony; penalty
§ 752.1006 Second or subsequent offense; penalty
§ 752.1007 Evidence; rebuttable presumptions
§ 752.1008 Investigation; service and contents of written demands; action to enforce demand; serving notice of hearing and copy of pleadings; orders; confidentiality; duties of peace officers appointed as investigators
§ 752.1008a Person not subject to civil liability
§ 752.1009 Liability of person to health care corporation or health care insurer
§ 752.1010 Restitution
§ 752.1011 Prosecution or civil action for violation of other laws