In addition to inspections conducted for purposes of section 44516 or under section 80166, a peace officer may inspect any livery boat at a boat livery. The peace officer shall give the owner of the boat livery at least 72 hours’ advance notice of an inspection under this section and shall conduct the inspection at a reasonable time.

Terms Used In Michigan Laws 324.44522a

  • Boat livery: means a place of business or any location where a person rents or offers for rent any vessel other than a nonmotorized raft to the general public for noncommercial use on the waters of this state. See Michigan Laws 324.44501
  • Livery boat: means a vessel, other than a nonmotorized raft, that is rented or offered for rent by a boat livery or a boat owner or his or her agent if the boat livery or boat owner or his or her agent relinquishes or offers to relinquish complete physical control of the vessel to the renter while retaining legal title to the vessel. See Michigan Laws 324.44501
  • Owner: when used in reference to a vessel, means a person who claims lawful possession of the vessel by virtue of legal title or an equitable interest in a vessel that entitles that person to possession of the vessel. See Michigan Laws 324.44501
  • Peace officer: means a sheriff or sheriff's deputy; village or township marshal; officer of the police department of any city, village, or township; officer of the Michigan state police; or other police officer or law enforcement officer who is trained and licensed or certified under the Michigan commission on law enforcement standards act, 1965 PA 203, MCL 28. See Michigan Laws 324.44501