Terms Used In Michigan Laws 445.885

  • Owner-builder: means an individual who is not a licensed residential builder and who builds, or acts as a general contractor for the construction of, a residential structure in which that individual or a member of that individual's family actually resides, or intends to occupy for his or her own use, upon the issuance of an occupancy permit. See Michigan Laws 445.883
  • person: may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals. See Michigan Laws 8.3l
  • Residential structure: means a premises used or intended to be used for a residence purpose and related facilities appurtenant to the premises used or intended to be used as an adjunct of residential occupancy. See Michigan Laws 445.883
  (1) An owner-builder intending to live in the residential structure at the onset of construction shall do either of the following upon completion of construction and issuance of the occupancy permit regarding a residential structure:
  (a) Reside in the residential structure.
  (b) Place the residential structure up for sale in any manner allowed by law if, due to unforeseen circumstances, the owner-builder is unable to reside in the residential structure. This subdivision allows the owner-builder to utilize this exception not more than once per calendar year.
  (2) An owner-builder who actually lives, full- or part-time, in that residential structure shall not sell or transfer ownership of the residential structure to another person for at least 365 days after the owner-builder actually begins living, full- or part-time, in that residential structure.