(1) The individual to be protected, a person who is interested in the individual’s estate, affairs, or welfare, including a parent, guardian, or custodian, or a person who would be adversely affected by lack of effective management of the individual’s property and business affairs may petition for a conservator‘s appointment or for another appropriate protective order.

(2) The petition must set forth to the extent known the petitioner’s interest; the name, age, residence, and address of the individual to be protected; the name and address of the guardian, if any; the name and address of the nearest relative known to the petitioner; a general statement of the individual’s property with an estimate of the value of the property, including compensation, insurance, a pension, or an allowance to which the individual is entitled; and the reason why a conservator’s appointment or another protective order is necessary. If a conservator’s appointment is requested, the petition shall also set forth the name and address of the person whose appointment is sought and the basis of the claim to priority for appointment.

Terms Used In Michigan Laws 700.5404

  • Claim: includes , but is not limited to, in respect to a decedent's or protected individual's estate, a liability of the decedent or protected individual, whether arising in contract, tort, or otherwise, and a liability of the estate that arises at or after the decedent's death or after a conservator's appointment, including funeral and burial expenses and costs and expenses of administration. See Michigan Laws 700.1103
  • Conservator: means a person appointed by a court to manage a protected individual's estate. See Michigan Laws 700.1103
  • Estate: includes the property of the decedent, trust, or other person whose affairs are subject to this act as the property is originally constituted and as it exists throughout administration. See Michigan Laws 700.1104
  • Guardian: means a person who has qualified as a guardian of a minor or a legally incapacitated individual under a parental or spousal nomination or a court appointment and includes a limited guardian as described in sections 5205, 5206, and 5306. See Michigan Laws 700.1104
  • Parent: includes , but is not limited to, an individual entitled to take, or who would be entitled to take, as a parent under this act by intestate succession from a child who dies without a will and whose relationship is in question. See Michigan Laws 700.1106
  • Person: means an individual or an organization. See Michigan Laws 700.1106
  • Petition: means a written request to the court for an order after notice. See Michigan Laws 700.1106
  • Property: means anything that may be the subject of ownership, and includes both real and personal property or an interest in real or personal property. See Michigan Laws 700.1106