§ 206.961 Short title
§ 206.963 Definitions
§ 206.965 Michigan Alzheimer’s association fund; creation; administrator; deposit of amounts; investment; interest and earnings; money in fund at close of fiscal year
§ 206.967 Expenditure
§ 206.969 Availability of money for distribution

Terms Used In Michigan Laws > Chapter 206 > Act 88 of 2013 - Michigan Alzheimer's Association Fund Act

  • Barber: means a person who shaves or trims the beard of a person; cuts, trims, shampoos, relaxes, curls, permanently waves, dresses, tints, bleaches, colors, arranges, or styles the hair of a person; massages the face and head of a person; or renders personal services of a similar nature customarily done by a barber. See Michigan Laws 339.1101
  • Client: means a person who engages the services of a personnel agency. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Demonstration: means a show, seminar, or contest in which barber services are rendered for the purpose of educating barbers. See Michigan Laws 339.1101
  • Department: means the department of treasury. See Michigan Laws 206.963
  • Employee: means a person performing work or service for compensation. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Employer: means a person employing or seeking to employ a person for compensation. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Employment agent: means the individual designated by a type A personnel agency who is responsible for the general management of that type A personnel agency. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Fee: means any direct or indirect compensation. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Fund: means the Michigan Alzheimer's association fund created in section 5. See Michigan Laws 206.963
  • Gift: A voluntary transfer or conveyance of property without consideration, or for less than full and adequate consideration based on fair market value.
  • Personnel agency: means a type A personnel agency or a type B personnel agency, or both. See Michigan Laws 339.1001
  • Registration fee: means a fee other than the fee specified in a contract, which a personnel agency requires or accepts from a client prior to execution of a contract. See Michigan Laws 339.1001