§ 38.1132 Short title; meanings of words and phrases
§ 38.1132a Definitions; A
§ 38.1132b Definitions; D to G
§ 38.1132c Definitions; I to L
§ 38.1132d Definitions; N to P
§ 38.1132e Definitions; S
§ 38.1132f Definitions; V
§ 38.1133 Investment authority; investment fiduciary; investing, reinvesting, holding in nominee form, and managing assets of system; powers and duties; compliance with divestment from terror act; costs; disclosure of fees or other compensation by investment servic
§ 38.1133a
§ 38.1133c Definitions; effort by fiduciary to identify scrutinized companies; assembly into scrutinized companies list; update and availability of list; procedures; report; effectiveness of section; exemption of fiduciary from conflicting statutory or common law ob
§ 38.1133d Definitions; scrutinized companies; identification by fiduciaries; assembling scrutinized companies list; update by fiduciary; procedure; report; effectiveness of section; conditions; liability of fiduciary; scrutinized company affirmatively excluded from
§ 38.1133e Prohibited conduct by investment fiduciary, service provider, or covered associate of service provider; exceptions; definitions; official of governmental entity
§ 38.1133f Breach of public trust by investment fiduciary or service provider; “service provider” defined
§ 38.1133g Investment committee; establishment by large sponsored system; duties; recommendation; definitions
§ 38.1134 Investment in stock or global security
§ 38.1135 Investment in investment companies
§ 38.1136 Investment in annuity investment contracts or participations in separate accounts of life insurance company; investment in general account of life insurer; requirements
§ 38.1137 Other authorized investments; prohibited investments
§ 38.1138 Investment in real estate or mortgages on certain leased real property
§ 38.1139 Investment in real estate investment trust or real or personal property
§ 38.1139a State treasurer as investment fiduciary; investments in private equity; limitation; investment fiduciary not state treasurer; limitation
§ 38.1139b Deduction from employee compensation by public employer; automatic enrollment of employee; notice; investment alternatives; liability; definitions
§ 38.1140 Investment in secured loans; real property not considered encumbered; investment in part of obligation or participation interest in loan or group of loans; investment in real estate loan; investment in loan or loans or certificate of participation secured
§ 38.1140a Investment in debt, warrant, or equity interest in small business, small business investment company, or venture capital firm; creation of small business investment companies or venture capital firms to invest in small businesses; limitation
§ 38.1140b Deposits by investment fiduciary
§ 38.1140c Financial institution, trust company, or management company retained as investment fiduciary; investment of system assets in collective investment fund, common trust fund, or pooled fund established and maintained by financial institution or management co
§ 38.1140d Investments not qualified under act
§ 38.1140e Loan of securities by investment fiduciary
§ 38.1140f Transferring and holding securities
§ 38.1140g Investment in securities exempt from taxes
§ 38.1140h Applicable law; retention of financial records; “financial records” defined; disclosure of certain information; actuarial valuation; supplemental actuarial analysis;
§ 38.1140j Investment in derivatives
§ 38.1140k Investment in global securities; prohibited conduct
§ 38.1140l Financial or proprietary information
§ 38.1140m Employer contribution
§ 38.1141 Removal of member of board or body