§ 221.020 Sheriffs to be jailers, exception, Clay County
§ 221.030 Coroner to be jailer, when
§ 221.040 Sheriff and jailer to receive prisoners–penalty for refusal–medical exams required
§ 221.044 Persons under seventeen may not be confined in adult jails, exceptions–commitment to juvenile detention facilities, when
§ 221.050 Separation of prisoners
§ 221.060 Prisoners to have certain privileges
§ 221.070 Prisoners liable for cost of imprisonment
§ 221.080 County commission to bear certain expenses
§ 221.095 Private jails, defined–reports of possible criminal violations required–missing prisoners, requirements
§ 221.097 Private jails–prisoners to be confined separately, when–health care services, adequate care required–limitation on contracts with private jails
§ 221.105 Boarding of prisoners–amount expended, how fixed, how paid, limit
§ 221.111 Delivery or concealment on premises of narcotics, liquor, or prohibited articles, penalties–visitation denied, when–personal items permitted to be posted
§ 221.120 Medicine and medical attention for prisoners, definitions
§ 221.122 Repayment for medical care to be term of probation, parole or conditional release
§ 221.130 Contagious disease–certification of physician–order for removal
§ 221.140 Necessary clothing for prisoner–cost, how paid
§ 221.150 Shackling of prisoner, how paid
§ 221.160 Criminal costs, how paid
§ 221.170 Prisoners, leave from jail, when–compensation earned on leave, how applied–three-fourths rule (certain cities and counties)
§ 221.230 Jail of another county to be used, when
§ 221.240 Sheriff to take prisoners before circuit court
§ 221.250 Failure of sheriff to comply with section 221.240–penalty
§ 221.260 Commitment from another county, expenses, how paid
§ 221.270 Jailer to receive and keep United States prisoners
§ 221.280 Penalty for failure to receive and keep United States prisoners
§ 221.290 United States to pay for use of jails
§ 221.300 Grand jury to visit jail, when
§ 221.310 Humane treatment of prisoners
§ 221.320 Board of visitors–appointment–terms
§ 221.330 Organization of board
§ 221.340 Duties of board
§ 221.350 Board to make yearly report
§ 221.353 Damage to jail property, class D felony
§ 221.400 Regional jail districts may be established, procedure, contents, holding of prisoners
§ 221.402 Regional jail districts, powers
§ 221.405 Commission–members, vacancies, budget
§ 221.407 Regional jail district sales tax authorized, ballot language–special trust fund established–expiration date
§ 221.410 Powers, duties
§ 221.415 Director, duties–salary
§ 221.420 Use of regional jail, purpose–county may keep its own jail
§ 221.425 Regional jail district solely liable for its debts–income exempt from state taxes
§ 221.430 District income, distribution upon dissolution
§ 221.500 Construction bids for a minimum security facility–commissioner of administration to contract with
§ 221.510 Pending outstanding warrants in MULES and NCIC systems, inquiry conducted, when (Jake’s Law)
§ 221.515 Jailers authorized to serve arrest warrants on inmates–jailers may carry firearms, when–escaped prisoners, power of jailer to arrest