§ 219.011 Definitions
§ 219.016 Responsibilities of division of youth services–rules, procedure
§ 219.021 Child may be committed to division, when–notice to court of release to aftercare supervision, contents, formal objections may be made, when–division to operate and maintain facilities and programs–day release and vocational programs authorized–payment
§ 219.023 Youth services products fund created for supplies of materials used in making products sold by youth in custody of division of youth services
§ 219.026 Release on aftercare supervision authorized–procedures authorized when
§ 219.031 Director of division, how appointed, compensation and expenses
§ 219.036 Employment of division personnel–merit system–annual report–master plan–written policy required–director of division to be agent of state to deal with federal government
§ 219.041 Incentive subsidy program authorized–advisory committee, how appointed–juvenile judge to submit report, contents of–inspections by director–notice of noncompliance, how given–county to select services, costs, how paid
§ 219.046 Board–number, qualifications, terms, oaths, duties
§ 219.048 Board and commission members may contribute per diem or expenses for services to the youth services treatment fund–fund established–procedure to contribute
§ 219.051 Right of petition–duty of director on receipt of petition
§ 219.056 Health care standards to be established by department of health and senior services–educational standards to be established by department of elementary and secondary education
§ 219.061 Aiding runaway, penalty–peace officers, duty of–records confidential, exceptions, penalty for divulging–division may sue for damages
§ 219.066 Medical and dental treatment authorized, when
§ 219.071 Children to be segregated from criminals
§ 219.076 Children, how transported, transportation expenses, how paid
§ 219.081 Division may be relieved of custody, when, procedure
§ 219.086 Transfer of child to another state, when–expense of transfer, how paid
§ 219.096 Grant by department of social services of division of youth services facilities–notification to commissioner of administration–fee–terms of the lease