185.210. The general assembly may appropriate funds to the state council on the arts for use as grants to public television stations. Such grants shall be distributed to each of the public television stations in this state after receipt of the station’s certification of operating and programming expenses for the prior fiscal year. Certification shall consist of the most recent fiscal year financial statement submitted by a station to the corporation for public broadcasting. At least twenty percent of the state funds received under sections 185.200 to 185.230 by any public television station shall be used for instructional television services to be provided through local agreements. A substantial portion of the state funds received under this or any other act by any public television station shall be used for local programming related to the needs and problems of the community served by the broadcast licensee. The grants shall be divided into two categories, an annual basic service grant and an operating grant. The basic service grant shall be equal to thirty-five percent of the total amount appropriated and shall be divided equally among the public television stations receiving grants. The remaining amount of the appropriation shall be distributed as an operating grant to the stations on the basis of the proportion that the total operating expenses of the individual station in the prior fiscal year bears to the aggregate total of operating expenses for the same fiscal year for all Missouri public television stations receiving state grants. State funds received by a public television station under sections 185.200 to 185.230 and not expended shall be returned to the state of Missouri.

(L. 2006 S.B. 870)

Effective 7-01-06