186.018. The council shall prepare a state plan to identify and prioritize targeted populations in terms of employment accessibility and geographic regions, which plan shall be reviewed and revised annually. The state plan shall include but not be limited to:

(1) A needs-assessment of the state to determine specific economic and employment problems that exist in which geographic areas of the state;

(2) A statement of short- and long-term goals relating to economic factors which include evaluation, labor, work availability, small business opportunities, employment, training, household, and family with special emphasis on rural women and the underprivileged sectors of society;

(3) An inventory of existing federal, state, community and private programs and facilities relating to economic and employment needs of women;

(4) Plans for addressing those identified prioritized and targeted populations including special strategies for specific groups or regions with unique needs in the employment or training area.

(L. 1985 H.B. 325 § 5)