621.015. The “Administrative Hearing Commission” is assigned to the office of administration. It shall consist of no more than five commissioners. The commissioners shall be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The term of each commissioner shall be for six years and until his successor is appointed, qualified and sworn. The commissioners shall be attorneys at law admitted to practice before the supreme court of Missouri, but shall not practice law during their term of office. Each commissioner shall receive annual compensation of fifty-one thousand dollars plus any salary adjustment provided pursuant to section 105.005. Each commissioner shall also be entitled to actual and necessary expenses in the performance of his duties. The office of the administrative hearing commission shall be located in the City of Jefferson and it may employ necessary clerical assistance, compensation and expenses of the commissioners to be paid from appropriations made for that purpose.

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Revisor’s note: Salary adjustment index is printed, as required by§ 105.005, in Appendix E.