§ 186.005 Law, how cited
§ 186.007 Women’s council established–appointment–qualifications–terms, vacancies–chairman appointed
§ 186.011 Expenses, how paid–staff to be furnished–meetings, when held
§ 186.014 Executive director for council to be in department of economic development–appointment–qualifications, powers and duties
§ 186.016 Powers and duties of the council
§ 186.018 Council to develop state plan
§ 186.019 Report from certain state agencies to council and designated officials–contents–due, when
§ 186.050 Humanities council, purpose–definitions
§ 186.055 Missouri humanities trust fund established, funding–administration by board of trustees, members, appointment, terms–humanities council executive committee, appointment
§ 186.060 Operating and program expenses, how paid, limitation
§ 186.065 General assembly may appropriate funds, purpose–distribution of funds, when