186.016. The mission of the council is:

(1) To promote and increase women’s economic and employment opportunities through education and training programs to aid in and insure entry into the labor market;

(2) To promote occupational mobility of women workers in lower and middle levels of employment;

(3) To promote access to jobs with more skill and responsibility, especially at the managerial level by encouraging maternity protection, child care facilities, technical training, and health protection;

(4) To initiate programs to assist women in small business enterprises;

(5) To assure access of women to nontraditional skilled trades through greater participation in apprenticeship programs and vocational and technical training;

(6) To promote retraining programs and facilities for unemployed women especially in growth sectors;

(7) To apply for federal or private funds or grants available for such employment and training programs, business enterprise programs, studies, seminars, and conferences and to participate in already existing federally, state or privately funded programs with other state departments and/or divisions;

(8) To conduct programs, studies, seminars, and conferences in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies in the following areas:

(a) Educational needs and opportunities;

(b) Displaced homemakers;

(c) Credit;

(d) Federal and state affecting the rights and responsibilities of women; and

(e) Women-owned business enterprises.

(L. 1985 H.B. 325 § 4)