1.  The earthquake emergency procedure system shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

 (1)  A school building disaster plan, ready for implementation at any time, for monitoring the safety and care of students and staff;

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 (2)  An emergency exercise to be held at least twice each school year whereby students and staff simulate earthquake emergency conditions and the procedures for safety and protection to be implemented under such conditions; provided the department of education shall not require any school district to perform more than two earthquake preparedness drills during any one school year;

 (3)  Protective measures to be taken before, during and following an earthquake; and

 (4)  A program to ensure that the students and certificated and noncertificated employees of the school district are aware of, and properly trained in, the earthquake emergency procedure system.

 2.  Each school district shall make available for public inspection during normal business hours its earthquake emergency procedure system.