1.  As an alternative to confinement, an individual may be placed on electronic monitoring pursuant to subsection 1 of section 544.455 or subsection 6 of section 557.011, with such terms and conditions as a court shall deem just and appropriate under the circumstances.

 2.  A judge may, in his or her discretion, credit any such period of electronic monitoring against any period of confinement or incarceration ordered, however, electronic monitoring shall not be considered to be in custody or incarceration for purposes of eligibility for the MO HealthNet program, nor shall it be considered confinement in a correctional center or private or county jail for purposes of determining responsibility for the individual’s health care.

 3.  This section shall not authorize a court to place an individual on electronic monitoring in lieu of the required imprisonment, community service, or court-ordered treatment program involving community service, if that individual is a prior, persistent, aggravated, chronic, or habitual offender sentenced pursuant to section 577.001 or section 577.023 as it existed prior to January 1, 2017.