§ 118.165 Disclosure of portion of rent which represents property taxes; reduction of rent; penalty for failure to reduce rent; enforcement

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  • Authorized representative: means a person designated by a public body to be responsible for the development, solicitation, award or administration of contracts for public works pursuant to this chapter. See Nevada Revised Statutes 338.010
  • Contract: means a written contract entered into between a contractor and a public body for the provision of labor, materials, equipment or supplies for a public work. See Nevada Revised Statutes 338.010
  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Governing body: means the board, council, commission or other body in which the general legislative and fiscal powers of a local government are vested. See Nevada Revised Statutes 338.010
  • Local government: means every political subdivision or other entity which has the right to levy or receive money from ad valorem or other taxes or any mandatory assessments, and includes, without limitation, counties, cities, towns, boards, school districts and other districts organized pursuant to chapters 244A, 318, 318A, 379, 474, 538, 541, 543 and 555 of NRS, NRS 450. See Nevada Revised Statutes 338.010
  • person: means a natural person, any form of business or social organization and any other nongovernmental legal entity including, but not limited to, a corporation, partnership, association, trust or unincorporated organization. See Nevada Revised Statutes 0.039