§ 425.381 Master: Appointment; qualifications
§ 425.382 Authority of Chief and master
§ 425.3822 Notice and finding of financial responsibility: Issuance; service
§ 425.3824 Notice and finding of financial responsibility: Contents; conference; hearing
§ 425.3826 Notice and finding of financial responsibility: Additional requirements when paternity has not been legally established
§ 425.3828 Hearing required upon request; issuance of recommendation for support by master; approval of recommendation by district court; judicial relief
§ 425.383 Modification or adjustment of order for support
§ 425.3832 Hearings: Procedure; subpoenas; compensation of witnesses; evidence
§ 425.3834 Enforcement of order approving recommendation for support; judicial review; effect of recommendation during judicial review
§ 425.3835 Court prohibited from staying proceeding or refusing hearing in certain circumstances; court required to hold hearing; court authorized to issue support order pendente lite
§ 425.3836 Notice of intent to enforce court order for support; hearing; issuance of recommendation for support; effect of approval of recommendation; effect of noncompliance with order
§ 425.3838 Establishment of paternity: Procedure when paternity not disputed
§ 425.384 Establishment of paternity: Procedure when paternity is disputed
§ 425.3841 Establishment of paternity: Recommendation for temporary support pending resolution of proceedings
§ 425.3844 Recommendation entered by master: Notification of parties; objection to recommendation; judicial review; approval and filing; effect upon filing
§ 425.3846 Enforcement of support in accordance with chapter 31A of NRS
§ 425.3847 Retention of annual fees to carry out Program. [Effective until the date on which the provisions of 42 U.S.C. ‘ 654 requiring each state to impose an annual fee of $25 in the case of a person who has never received assistance pursuant to Title IV
§ 425.3848 Disposal of property by parent: Temporary restraining order; bond; notice of lis pendens
§ 425.385 Certification of complex issues to district court; temporary support
§ 425.3852 Certification of proceeding to district court: Representation of public interests; presentation of case
§ 425.3855 Social security numbers of parents or legal guardians to be provided to enforcing authority