I. The advisory board shall act in an advisory capacity to assist the commissioner of the department of health and human services relative to juvenile justice programs and services provided to children at the youth development center and other juvenile justice facilities. The board may also provide advice and input on fiscal and budgetary matters related to such facilities, the availability of state and federal grants, business partnerships, and other funding sources available to the department for such facilities.
   I-a. The board shall seek information from the director of the division of juvenile justice services in the department of health and human services concerning the successes and challenges relative to the state’s juvenile justice programs and services.
   I-b. The board shall be available to address emergent issues identified by the commissioner of health and human services, the director of the division of juvenile justice services, the chair of the advisory board, or any board member. In furtherance of this paragraph, the board may solicit comments from the public or any other entities as it deems appropriate.
   II. Beginning in December 2010, and biennially thereafter, the board shall submit a written report to the speaker of the house, the president of the senate, the governor, and the following legislative committees: the house children and family law committee, the house criminal justice and safety committee, and the senate judiciary committee. The report shall detail the activities of the board and any recommendations made by the board to the department relative to juvenile justice services.