621:1 New Hampshire Youth Development Center; Administration
621:2 Philosophy of the New Hampshire Youth Development Center
621:3 Definitions
621:4 Duties Relative to Property
621:6 Books and Records of Account
621:7 Bylaws
621:8 Fire Code Compliance
621:9 Care of Children
621:9-a Extended Commitment at the Center
621:10 Limits to Population at the Youth Development Center
621:12 Department’s Duties
621:15 Records of Children Committed or Detained
621:16 Erroneous Committal Elsewhere
621:17 Committal by the United States
621:18 Detention
621:19 Releases and Discharges
621:20 Contract for Board
621:21 Payment of Board
621:22 Children in Residential Care
621:23 Religious Preference
621:24 Effect of Release
621:25 Remands and Changes in Conditions of Release
621:26 Discharge by Superior Court
621:27 Incorrigibles
621:28 Modification of Transfer
621:29 Orders
621:30 Children’s Funds
621:31 Parents or Estate of Child to Contribute to Costs
621:32 Contraband
621:33 Authority to Apprehend
621:34 Reimbursement for Transportation Costs
621:36 Service of Adult Sentence of Incarceration at the Youth Development Center