Chapter 481 State Dams, Reservoirs and Other Water Conservation Projects 481:1 – 481:32
Chapter 482 Dams, Mills, and Flowage 482:1 – 482:92
Chapter 482-A Fill and Dredge in Wetlands 482-A:1 – 482-A:35
Chapter 482-B New Hampshire Water Well Board 482-B:1 – 482-B:18
Chapter 483 New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program 483:1 – 483:15
Chapter 483-A New Hampshire Lakes Management and Protection Program 483-A:1 – 483-A:9
Chapter 483-B Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act 483-B:1 – 483-B:22
Chapter 483-C Public Use of New Hampshire Coastal Shorelands 483-C:1
Chapter 483-D Winnipesaukee River Watershed 483-D:1 – 483-D:4
Chapter 484 Water Management and Protection Compacts 484:1 – 484:26
Chapter 485 New Hampshire Safe Drinking Water Act 485:1 – 485:61
Chapter 485-A Water Pollution and Waste Disposal 485-A:1 – 485-A:57
Chapter 485-B Floating Timber 485-B:1 – 485-B:12
Chapter 485-C Groundwater Protection Act 485-C:1 – 485-C:25
Chapter 485-D New Hampshire-Vermont Interstate Public Water Supply Compact 485-D:1
Chapter 485-E Southeast Watershed Alliance 485-E:1 – 485-E:13
Chapter 485-F Administration of the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund 485-F:1 – 485-F:7
Chapter 485-G Coastal Marine Natural Resources and Environment Commission 485-G:1 – 485-G:4
Chapter 485-H Per and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (Pfas) Fund and Programs 485-H:1 – 485-H:10
Chapter 486 Aid to Municipalities for Water Pollution Control 486:1 – 486:14
Chapter 486-A Aid to Public Water Systems 486-A:1 – 486-A:15
Chapter 487 Control of Marine Pollution and Aquatic Growth 487:1 – 487:43
Chapter 488 Water Management 488:1 – 488:11
Chapter 489 Integrated Land Development Permit 489:1 – 489:11
Chapter 489-C Salt Applicator Certification Option 489-C:1 – 489-C:5