I. No person may operate a vehicle in a parade unless the following safety precautions are taken:
      (a) No person may use any type of vehicle with protruding or outrigger wheels in a parade unless the vehicle is suitably modified to protect both riders and pedestrians from the wheel assembly.

Terms Used In New Hampshire Revised Statutes 265:108-a

      (b) At least one adult, other than the driver, shall supervise children riding on a vehicle in a parade and have a reasonable means of immediate communication with the driver. The number of adults supervising the children shall not be less than one adult per every 4 children and sufficient to ensure that each child is visible to a supervising adult.
      (c) Children riding on a vehicle in a parade shall remain entirely within the perimeter of the vehicle and, if standing, shall be reasonably protected from probable injury if the vehicle suddenly starts or stops.
   II. Any person operating a vehicle without following all of the safety precautions listed in paragraph I shall be guilty of a violation, and shall be subject to the following fines:
      (a) $50 for a first offense.
      (b) $100 for a second or subsequent offense.