Chapter 91 Eligibility to Hold Public Office; Removal 91:2 – 91:4
Chapter 91-A Access to Governmental Records and Meetings 91-A:1 – 91-A:10
Chapter 91-B Public Notice by Radio or Television 91-B:1 – 91-B:5
Chapter 92 Tenure and Oath of Office in Certain Cases 92:1 – 92:6
Chapter 93-A Uniform Facsimile Signatures of Public Officials 93-A:1 – 93-A:7
Chapter 93-B Officials and Employees Bonds 93-B:1 – 93-B:5
Chapter 94 Compensation of Certain State Officers 94:1-a – 94:9
Chapter 95 Personal Interest in Business Transactions With Public 95:1 – 95:2
Chapter 96 False Statements Relative to Public Works or Contracts 96:1 – 96:2
Chapter 97 Reemployment of Veterans 97:1 – 97:7
Chapter 98-A Temporary, Seasonal and Part-Time State Employees 98-A:1 – 98-A:7
Chapter 98-B Interchange of State Employees 98-B:1 – 98-B:8
Chapter 98-D Interchange of Employees Between Branches of State Government 98-D:1 – 98-D:7
Chapter 98-E Public Employee Freedom of Expression 98-E:1 – 98-E:4
Chapter 98-F State Employee Appearances Before the Legislature 98-F:1
Chapter 99 Adjustment of Salaries of State Employees 99:1-a – 99:26
Chapter 99-B Employees of the Department of Transportation 99-B:1 – 99-B:3
Chapter 99-C Employees Engaged in Snow Removal 99-C:1 – 99-C:3
Chapter 99-D Defense and Indemnification of State Officers and Employees 99-D:1 – 99-D:11
Chapter 99-E Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award Program 99-E:1 – 99-E:10
Chapter 99-F Veterans’ and Disabled Veterans’ Preference in Public Employment 99-F:1 – 99-F:7
Chapter 100-A New Hampshire Retirement System 100-A:1 – 100-A:57
Chapter 100-B New Hampshire Length of Service Awards Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Emergency Medical Personnel 100-B:1 – 100-B:14
Chapter 100-C Judicial Retirement Plan 100-C:1 – 100-C:18
Chapter 101 Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance 101:1 – 101:11
Chapter 101-B Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan 101-B:1 – 101-B:8
Chapter 102 Firemen’S Retirement System 102:1 – 102:27
Chapter 103 Policemen’S Retirement System 103:1 – 103:21