Every employer shall:

      a. Notify his employees at the time of hiring, of the rate of pay, and of the regular payday designated by the employer in accordance with section 2 of this act.

Terms Used In New Jersey Statutes 34:11-4.6

  • person: includes corporations, companies, associations, societies, firms, partnerships and joint stock companies as well as individuals, unless restricted by the context to an individual as distinguished from a corporate entity or specifically restricted to one or some of the above enumerated synonyms and, when used to designate the owner of property which may be the subject of an offense, includes this State, the United States, any other State of the United States as defined infra and any foreign country or government lawfully owning or possessing property within this State. See New Jersey Statutes 1:1-2

      b. Notify his employees of any changes in the pay rates or pay days prior to the time of such changes.

      c. Furnish each employee with a statement of deductions made from his wages in accordance with section 4 of this act for each pay period such deductions are made.

      d. Keep posted in a place accessible to his employees an abstract of this act furnished by the commissioner, and

      e. Make such records as to the persons employed by him, including wage and hour records and preserve such records for such periods of time, as the commissioner shall prescribe by regulation as necessary or appropriate for the enforcement of the provisions of this act, provided that records of the number of hours worked shall not be required as to any person employed in a bona fide executive, administrative or professional capacity or in the capacity of outside salesman 18 years of age or older where the wages of such person or persons are not determined by the number of hours worked.

      L.1965, c. 173, s. 6.