A.   Each spontaneous fetal death, where the fetus has a weight of five hundred grams or more, which occurs in this state shall be reported to the state registrar.   

B.   When a dead fetus is delivered in an institution, the person in charge of the institution or his designated representative shall prepare and file the report.   

C.   When the spontaneous fetal death occurs on a moving conveyance and the fetus is first removed from the conveyance in this state, or when a dead fetus is found in this state and the place of fetal death is unknown, the fetal death shall be reported in this state. The place where the fetus was first removed from the conveyance or the dead fetus was found shall be considered the place of fetal death.   

D.   When a spontaneous fetal death required to be reported by this section occurs without medical attendance at or immediately after the delivery or when inquiry is required by law, the state medical investigator shall investigate the cause of fetal death and shall prepare and file the report.   

E.   The names of the parents shall be entered on the spontaneous fetal death report in accordance with the provisions of Section 24-14-13 NMSA 1978.   

F.   Except as otherwise provided in this section, all spontaneous fetal death reports shall be completed and filed with the state registrar within ten days following the spontaneous fetal death.   

  History: 1953 Comp., § 12-4-42, enacted by Laws 1961, ch. 44, § 20; 1981, ch. 309, § 16.