A.   Refunding bonds issued pursuant to the Spaceport Development Act [58-31-1 NMSA 1978] shall be authorized by resolution of the authority.  Any bonds that are refunded under the provisions of this section shall be paid at maturity or on any permitted prior redemption date in the amounts, at the time and places and, if called prior to maturity, in accordance with any applicable notice provisions, all as provided in the proceedings authorizing the issuance of the refunded bonds or otherwise pertaining thereto, except for any such bond that is voluntarily surrendered for exchange or payment by the holder or owner.

B.   Provision shall be made for paying the bonds refunded at the time provided in this section.  The principal amount of the refunding bonds may exceed the principal amount of the refunded bonds and may also be less than or the same as the principal amount of the bonds being refunded; provided that provision is duly and sufficiently made for payment of the refunded bonds.

C.   The proceeds of refunding bonds, including any accrued interest and premium pertaining to the sale of refunding bonds, shall either be immediately applied to the retirement of the bonds being refunded or be placed in escrow in a commercial bank or trust company that possesses and is exercising trust powers and that is a member of the federal deposit insurance corporation, to be applied to the payment of the principal of, interest on and any prior redemption premium due in connection with the bonds being refunded; provided that such refunding bond proceeds, including any accrued interest and any premium pertaining to a sale of refunding bonds, may be applied to the establishment and maintenance of a reserve fund and to the payment of expenses incidental to the refunding and the issuance of the refunding bonds, the interest thereon, the principal thereof or both interest and principal as the authority may determine.  Nothing in this section requires the establishment of an escrow if the refunded bonds become due and payable within one year from the date of the refunding bonds and if the amounts necessary to retire the refunded bonds within that time are deposited with the paying agent for the refunded bonds.  Any such escrow shall not necessarily be limited to proceeds of refunding bonds but may include other money available for its purpose.  Any proceeds in escrow pending such use may be invested or reinvested in bills, certificates of indebtedness, notes or bonds that are direct obligations of or the principal and interest of which obligations are unconditionally guaranteed by the United States or in certificates of deposit of banks that are members of the federal deposit insurance corporation.  Such proceeds and investments in escrow, together with any interest or other income to be derived from any such investment, shall be in an amount at all times sufficient as to principal, interest, any prior redemption premium due and any charges of the escrow agent payable to pay the bonds being refunded as they become due at their respective maturities or due at any designated prior redemption date in connection with which the authority shall exercise a prior redemption option.  Any purchaser of any refunding bond issued under the Spaceport Development Act is in no manner responsible for the application of the proceeds by the authority or any of its officers, agents or employees.

D.   Refunding bonds may bear such additional terms and provisions as may be determined by the authority subject to the limitations in this section.

History: Laws 2005, ch. 128, § 14.