Article 1 Administration
Article 2 Income Tax General Provisions
Article 2A Corporate Income and Franchise Tax
Article 2C Tax Refund Intercept Program
Article 2D Venture Capital Investments
Article 2E Rural Job Tax Credits
Article 2F Film Production Tax Credit
Article 2H Native American Veterans’ Income Tax Settlement Fund
Article 3 Income Tax Withholding
Article 3A Oil and Gas Proceeds and Pass-Through Entity Withholding Tax
Article 4 Division of Income for Tax Purposes
Article 5 Multistate Tax Compact
Article 5A Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Administration
Article 7 Estate Tax
Article 8A Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Article 9 Gross Receipts and Compensating Tax
Article 9A Investment Credit
Article 9C Interstate Telecommunications Gross Receipts Tax
Article 9E Laboratory Partnership with Small Business Tax Credit
Article 9F Technology Jobs Tax Credit
Article 9G Other Tax Credits
Article 9H Research and Development Small Business Tax Credit Act
Article 9I Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
Article 9J Alternative Energy Product Manufacturers Tax Credit Act
Article 10 Gross Receipts Tax Registration
Article 11 Railroad Car Company Tax
Article 12 Cigarette Tax
Article 12A Tobacco Products Tax
Article 13 Gasoline Tax
Article 13A Petroleum Products Loading Fee
Article 14 Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Article 14A Leased Vehicle Gross Receipts Tax
Article 15 Trip Tax
Article 15A Weight Distance Tax
Article 16A Special Fuels Supplier Tax
Article 16B Alternative Fuel Tax
Article 17 Liquor Excise Tax
Article 19 Supplemental Municipal Gross Receipts Tax
Article 20C Local Hospital Gross Receipts Tax
Article 20E County Local Option Gross Receipts Taxes
Article 20F County Correctional Facility Gross Receipts Tax
Article 23 Exemption of Producers from Licenses
Article 24 Municipal and County Gross Receipts Tax on Liquor
Article 24A County and Municipal Gasoline Tax
Article 24B Special County Hospital Gasoline Tax
Article 25 Resources Excise Tax
Article 26 Severance Tax
Article 27 Severance Tax Bonding Act
Article 29 Oil and Gas Severance Tax
Article 29A Enhanced Oil Recovery
Article 29B Natural Gas and Crude Oil Production Incentives
Article 29C Intergovernmental Tax Credits
Article 30 Oil and Gas Conservation Tax
Article 31 Oil and Gas Emergency School Tax
Article 32 Oil and Gas Ad Valorem Production Tax
Article 33 Natural Gas Processors Tax
Article 34 Oil and Gas Production Equipment Ad Valorem Tax
Article 35 Property Tax
Article 36 Valuation of Property
Article 37 Imposition of Property Tax
Article 38 Administration and Enforcement of Property Taxes
Article 39 Copper Production Ad Valorem Tax