§ 7-35-1 Short title
§ 7-35-2 Definitions
§ 7-35-2.1 Additional definition
§ 7-35-3 Director’s supervisory power over county assessors; duty to evaluate performance and provide technical assistance; property valuation fund created
§ 7-35-4 Department to provide manuals and other materials
§ 7-35-5 Training programs; attendance by assessor
§ 7-35-6 Suspension of county assessor’s functions; department’s performance of county assessor’s functions
§ 7-35-7 Suspension of county treasurer’s functions; department of finance and administration’s performance of county treasurer’s functions
§ 7-35-8 Authority for director to reduce amount required to be reimbursed to department by counties for services provided by department
§ 7-35-10 Division to furnish valuation services to state agencies and political subdivisions of the state